Slot machine test: evolution

There are still some people who do not so much with the idea of evolution. The science should really be on the right track. How fascinating this topic actually is the slot machine evolution. Now you would generally not assume, a lesson in one slots casino get, but evolution actually manages to represent the topic fascinating. The applause is in this case of Net Entertainment. The software developers have succeeded to create an almost artistic game against other machines in the design will hardly arrive. This is great cinema. But ultimately it's also in this slot to profits resulting from chance. And in this respect, evolution can certainly contribute to the evolution of your account.

The impressive designed game you can play in the slot casino. To do this you could visit the CasinoEuro for example. Here, the game for real money betting is offered. As you can but also evolution free play, to simply just have a demo in front of the nose. You can choose at any time to switch to real money, but need to be logged into the Casino.

Play Evolution online now!

Evolution play online

Even if the slot game evolution is a slot that opens the eyes, so it goes in the core functions. But even as the design plays a role, because the weird-looking fantasy creatures are products of other development and as there is also the evolution mode, which can take you to higher profits. But basically it is also winning lines, which are made up of the same symbols. The longer a series, also the symbol of self and your use of the better, are important.

It is your usage which determines how high a profit at all can be. You should not too squeamish to handle so in doubt use, but of course only, when you're not playing for the first time. Multiplied by the value of the symbol, which depends on the length of the series, the usage is the line profit. When multiple win lines in a round of evolution, there is just at the end of a beautiful large sum. Evolution has five reels and 25 paylines.

Slot game symbols in the evolution online slot

The symbols are the big selling point in evolution. On the one hand, they have their values that are important for your profits, on the other hand, there are fascinating creations for the game definitely deserves an award. Even the default icons from the 10 to the A hide in primeval creatures such as jellyfish, which really is what for the eye. In the value, it will above all interesting. Each representing a mix of well-known animals there, five different creatures. There are for example the Albus slugus or also the Draconius Rex. The free spin symbol, seen in Scripture, leads to free spins, where the evolution function exists and symbols can be better. The game appears on the reels 2 through 5 and substitutes for other symbols as a Joker, so winning lines will be completed.

Slot machines instructions by evolution

Even when the slot machine doesn't look like of this world, so he plays is basically normal. You want evolution to real money play, then you need to sign into the Casino, deposit money and can then make your bets. In the free mode, you have all the features, but no chance of real money winnings. You should look also necessarily even in the payout table, the features and above all the icons are still once clearly represented.

Conclusion the evolution test

Maybe evolution is slot machine on the market, not the very best what is the values, but the bottom line, that's all right. He belongs but, in terms of the design, no doubt to the top. Both together fits into a whole that is unique without question. Clear recommendation for evolution.